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JiuFen Taiwan

Jiufen, Journey to the Past

One of the most scenic places which I constantly flock back to,every time I return to Taipei is (…)

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Lanyang museum

Lanyang Museum

One of the greatest things about coming back to my native city of Taipei is having awesome family (…)

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HK aiport- Foster

Hong Kong International Airport

Warning there is some Foster love coming ahead… This is by far one of my favorite airports and (…)

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Ping Shan Heritage walk

Following the Heritage Trail

Hong Kong has a few  heritage sites close to the city center which are well worth the visit. (…)

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Kowloon City Park

Kowloon Walled City

While strolling in the streets of Hong Kong, we walked into the old city wall of Kowloon to (…)

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130222-26 - Hong Kong 187

HK high-lights

We arrived in Hong Kong with such anticipation to find ourselves in the smallest hotel room. This was (…)

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Halong Bay

Cruising in Halong Bay

Although a beautiful city, Hanoi is mostly a layaway in order to visit other sites which have gained notoriety (…)

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Hanoi Streets

Hanoi in black & white

Some of my favorite shots of Hanoi … love by the water   reflection by the water   (…)

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Museum of Literature

Touring Hanoi

My stay in Hanoi was short but sweet. During my one day visit, I toured the  Trấn Quốc (…)

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Hanoi -water

Love by the water

One of my favorite highlights in Hanoi was the Little Hanoi Hostel 2, rated as the Number 1 (…)

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