Bike Bar

Bike Bar

Objective Given the program of bike shop and bar, I had to re-appropriate an alleyway on Boul. St-Laurent while developing a conceit and a Hyper-drawing (multi-facetted drawing combining information of its programs, functions, context and etc)

Description of Design Objectives and Concept Like many alleyways of the area, my site revealed many depth and level of interest, unseen from the public street. My immediate preoccupation was how circulation was to be established, especially for the given program. By unfolding, the two walls of the adjacent buildings became my ground plane for bike parking and bike circulation. Using a similar mechanical system, inspired from the bicycle’s chain drive, the elevators are the core, the “Machine” of my project.

Level M.Arch

Professors Micheal Jemtrud, Torbens Berns

Site Boulevard of St-Laurent, Montreal. A 2, 3 m wide narrow alleyway between 2 commercial buildings of St-Laurent, and 50% of it occupied by service staircase.

Tools used Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, AutoCad, Sketch-Up + V-Ray

The Un-Folding

Blurring the lines of drawing and model, exploring the relationship between subject and the A bike Shop occupying a narrow alleyway between two commercial buildings of St-Laurent, unfolds to reveal its inner mechanical elevators for bikes. Bike parking and circulation run on the vertical planes along the drawing plane, the Hyper-Drawing folds to become the Hyper-Model.  Circulation is achieved on the façades of the adjacent buildings due to these elevators, the core, the “Machine” of the project.


The Models

My initial need to unfold such a small and narrow site filtered into my design process and my final model. The final model, made out of solid wood, folds down the adjacent walls to reveal the interior layout.  Faithful to my conceit, I have incorporated bike derailleur, making the system mobile in the model.

Bike bar Model

Bike bar model

Bike bar model

Bike bar 3Bike bar 4Bike bar 5Bike bar 6

The Video

Dabbling into video editing, I felt the best way to feature the project was through a visual tour. Enjoy.