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STACK storage

STACK storage Objective Design/Build transformable storage system Description of Design Objectives and Concept Ideal for any small living (…)

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LIFT coffee table

LIFT coffee table Objective Design/Build a coffee table with varying heights to accommodate different uses Description of Design (…)

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Back to the Olympics

  As part of my adventure in Asia, I will be conducting a research of Olympic Stadiums and (…)

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Hat moulding Fascinated by form and construction in fashion, I ventured firstly into hat moulding. Expandable material, like (…)

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Old Port Sketches


Arts Art has always been an integral part of my travels. Equipped with my sketchbook, ink and watercolors, (…)

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Silver-wear Designing in a smaller scale and working in silver. This permitted a hands-on approach to design. From (…)

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