Savoring Montreal

Savoring Montreal

Objective  A competition teaching integrated project design between architects & engineers to refurnishing the old abandoned Grain Silos #5

Description of Design Objectives and Concept Following the true model of sustainable development, the project promotes social, cultural and environmental involvement to reduce carbon footprint. Hinting the past vocation of the Grain silos, our project is all about FOOD. With this project and the help of technology, we encourage the production, the consumption and the regeneration of our foods LOCALLY.

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Level M.Arch

Professors Leila Marie Farah

Teammates Mira Mui ( Arch), Tristan Desjardins- Drouin (Bac Eng. Civil ), Bianka Bourgeois (Bac Eng. Civil ), Stephane Cormier (Bac Eng. Civil ), Karl Provost (Bac Eng. Mec , Jean-Christophe Voyer (Bac Eng. Mec ), Jean-Philippe Gagnon (Bac Eng. Mec )

Site Silo #5, Old Port of Montreal

Tools used Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCad, Sketch-Up + V-Ray

Silo 5 North Perspective

The Program

More and more we are running out of our natural resources. With the growth of population and urbanization, we cannot continue importing our foods. With the rising price of gasoline, our imported foods are also becoming more expensive. Following the model of sustainable development, “Savoring Montreal”, uses urban agriculture, culinary classes and museums to reduce educate the public and also be economically viable. The essence of the project is to reduce carbon footprint and lessen our dependency on oil.  Through our energy consumption studies and cost/revenue studies, we have reached a profitable project with great environmental advantages.

Program Diagram

For the public

Reinstating the Grain Silos as the icon of the industrial era, it will be a project for the public. Combining gastronomy and tourism, commercial galleries and restaurants will be located at the ground floor of Silos. An open market will promote local produce and even sell products cultivated in the Grain Silos.

Silo Galeries Market in Silo

A belvedere at the top will benefit from the panoramic views of the city. Restaurants and night clubs will gain access to the exterior space.



The Grain Silos

Urban agriculture is achieved in highly controlled environments in the concrete Silos. For heritage protection purposes, no openings will be made on the outside of the Silos. However we have found several products in the market which can provide artificial light with minimum energy consumption.

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Silo CompositionNorth Perspective

Glass Promenade

Glass extensions on the South façade will provide a green house for additional planting. On the opposite end, facing the old port, a “Glass Promenade” will be an eye-catching feature, drawing people towards the new refurbished project.

South Perspective2

The video: Final presentation (french)