Hat moulding

Fascinated by form and construction in fashion, I ventured firstly into hat moulding. Expandable material, like felt, can be moulded with humidity, heat & pressure. The material is pinned down on wooden blocks to be dried. I began the process of recycling old hats, moulding them into new ones and finishing them with final embellishments. Nothing is spared, for minimal waste

The Purple beret

The old purple hat found new life in a asymmetric beret, the extra cut-off pieces were added onto the finished hat for detailing.

Old purple hatin constructionpurple hat finalPurple beretPurple beret

The Green rabbit

The initial hat was made out of rabbit hair.

Purple beretin constructionNew hatWearing new hat

Draping pink

After an initial sketch inspired from a runway show by Louis Vuitton, I made my banquet dress with tulle and silk

LV runway showBanquet dress sketchbanquet dress