Community Building

Community Building

Objective Community housing and center in St-John’s

Description of Design Objectives and Concept The proposal is to build a  flexible community for future growth, while preserving the essence of the existing environment. Taking precedence from the European typology of community housing, the blocks are open to interior courtyards, known as spaces for social gathering. The community center is added to an existing church which has been converted to an elderly center, thus involving their participation into the community.

Level M.Arch

Professors Robert Mellin
Site Block between Lemarchant Rd, Ricketts Rd, St. Clare ave and Prince Wales St. in St-John’s Newfoundland.

Tools used Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCad


Surrounding Buildings

Surrounding buildingsSite plan



Massing Model

Smaller housing communities are formed within the larger one to create a more intimate and manageable environment. By establishing intermediate roads from Ricketts Rd to Lemarchant Rd, circulation will be increase in the area. Commercial spaces will be located at the ground floor.

Plan of community center

Plan of Commuty Center

Elevation of Community center

Lemarchant Rd Elevation

Elevation of Community Living

Rickett Rd Elevation

Final Model

Final ModelFinal Model Final Model

Typical Housing Layouts
Flexibility of units

The units can accommodate 1 single family or 2 dormitories sharing the service area. The flexibility of the units promotes community living; facilitating people of different financial background and status to live together.

Typical section

Besides responding to social concerns, the housing is conceived with environmental concerns. The building has water collection and filtration system and strives for optimal day lighting. The flexibility of the units extends to its envelope, with exterior sliding doors.

Eco-DiagramWall Sections