The Quebec Triennal 2011 @ MAC
The Quebec Triennal is this event that happens every 3 years at the Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal, highlights the works of  local talents. Mainly it is opportunity to young/ new Canadian contemporary Artists to exhibit and be voted by the public for their works. As for an Art enthusiast, it is an opportunity to discover local artists. In the past, my adventures into art galleries and studios in Montreal have lead me to meet new artists and even collaborate with them in my line of work.  In 2008, I was quite impressed with the new talents being exhibited. This year, my picks of favorite artists were:

1) Massimo Guerrera (La Réunion des Pratiques)

For its lyrical environments. For its language: the tools , the pieces and the art speak as one and as individuals…

Massimo Guerrera _La Réunion des Pratiques2)Marie-Andrée Cormier (Paysage Humaine 2011)

Projections. Exploring the relativity of the plane between the subject and object.

Marie-Andree Cormier3) Numa Amun

Anatomy + geometry. Ink.

Numa AmunThanks for reading !
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